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FirstRate5 software training with a Registered Training Organisation

Do you require FirstRate5 Software Training? Education In Building offers pathways to obtain a Nationally Recognised qualification in NatHERS training throughout Australia and will allow you to practice as a fully accredited House Energy Rater.

FirstRate5® software is an easy-to-use interactive tool with a graphic user interface. It enables designers and thermal performance assessors to generate energy ratings for a home by tracing over floor plans.

Our First Rate 5 Software Training is especially popular, because the software integrates the Chenath calculation engine to estimate the annual heating and cooling energy. And it can be used to rate an existing design or as an interactive tool to optimise the design beyond compliance.

FirstRate5 software training First Rate 5

Understanding how to use the FirstRate5 Software is an integral part in the completion of the Certificate IV in NatHERS assessment qualification….

Who is this course for?

This formal FirstRate5 software course is designed to enhance a business that operates in fields such as:

  • Building Designers
  • Architects
  • BASIX Assessor
  • Building Certifiers
  • Builders
  • Energy Assessors
  • Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspectors
  • Non accredited assessors

Career Pathways

Potential users of this course include NatHERS assessors, enterprises, government agencies, industry regulatory bodies, community organisations, building designers, architects and other building professionals associated with residential building thermal performance.

Once you have completed the First Rate 5 Software training through Education In Building you will be able to us the units of competency gained as a credit towards the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment. 

Then apply for registration as an accredited NatHERS assessor with the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) and the Building Designers Association Victoria (BDAV)

Entry Requirements

To undertake the FirstRate5 software training you are expected to:

  • Effectively read and extract information from plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings,
  • Manage own work, professional development and ethical behaviour in a satisfactory manner,
  • Be able to use a personal computer, including basic word processing, spreadsheet, and email programs and internet search engines,
  • Have a demonstrated capacity in literacy and numeracy, and
  • Have demonstrated interpersonal communication skills.

A tip

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can learn how to use the software tools by viewing numerous videos. It has been proven that the only way you will learn how to use the software is with a Subject Matter Expert teaching you.

Based on industry feedback, students who have effectively self-taught themselves the software by watching videos are struggling to assess real projects and achieve successful quality assurance review results.

In order to survive within a competitive industry, they then need to seek additional one-on-one training that costs more money and time. Why not simply get it right the first time?

Facts about the FirstRate5 course

What is the price?

At Education In Building we believe that formal training should be affordable. As such, we offer our lowest price promise.

You can enrol in this course for just…..


Our price promise:

  • Our fee for this course is GST free
  • In the unlikely event, you receive a lower priced written quote on the identical training, we will beat it.
  • If you are looking to compare costs, Education In Building offer the complete course over four days which other providers call Basic and Intermediate courses which will not allow you to practice as an accredited House Energy Rater.
When can I start?

Enrolments can be made at anytime of the year. Face to face classroom training courses are run regularly in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne. This is a complete course run over 4 days.

The award

Following the successful completion of this course you will be awarded a Nationally Recognised Statement of Results bearing the unit codes and software tool you were assessed against. Awards are issued by Education In Building as the Registered Training Organisation.

To become accredited as House Energy Rating assessor you need to obtain a Nationally recognised certificate from a Registered Training Organisation.

Upon successful completion of this course with Education In Building, you will recieve a Nationally recognised certificate for 3 Units of Competency in the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment (CPP41212):

  • CPPHSA4020A – Operate computer systems to support NatHERS assessment
  • CPPHSA4012A – Conduct NatHERS assessment of planned residential buildings
  • CPPHSA4013A – Conduct NatHERS assessment of existing residential buildings

These are the units required by the NatHERS administrator to become accredited as a House Energy Rater. Don’t get caught by other providers who only offer a Certificate of attendance…. check to see if you will be accredited to use the software with the NatHERS administrator. Basic and intermediate courses will not allow you to become an accredited assessor.


This course is delivered and assessed by Paul Kearney & Associates Pty Ltd, trading as, Education In Building.

  • RTO Code: 32418
  • ABN: 16 601 505 837

NatHERS online Education In Building

Our Trainer

Matthew Graham of Graham Energy  oversees our Thermal performance software training.

Matthew has an architectural background and holds a Certificate IV in NatHERS assessment in all the NatHERS software tools (AccuRate  Sustainability, Bers Pro & FisrtRate5). His qualifications also include the Certificate IV in Home Sustainability Assessment and Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

As a member of the ABSA &  BDAV TPA TAC and is the Chairperson of the EIB TTAC. Matthews experience has gained him the recognition of being a subject matter expert.  He was chosen by Sustainability Victoria to write the FirstRate5 manual as a co-author with Tony Isaacs.

Visit the Graham Energy web site at 

What comes next?

Once you have completed the FirstRate5 software training through Education In Building you will be able to use the three units of competency gained  as a credit towards the full Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment CPP41212.

This is the requirement of the NatHERS administrator to become accredited as an Energy rating assessor.

Your next step is to achieve the Certificate IV in NatHERS Assessment.  Find out more. 

In addition you could enrol in our FirstRate5 Leading Edge software training which will take you to the next level. Find out more. 

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The Units of Competency are

This course contains 3 Units of Competency. Click to Show.

This nationally recognised qualification consist of 3 units of competency, as itemised below:

  • CPPHSA4012A – Conduct NatHERS assessment of proposed residential buildings
  • CPPHSA4020A – Operate computer systems to support NatHERS assessment
  • CPPHSA4013A – Conduct NatHERS assessment of existing residential buildings

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