Free CPD Points for Energy Assessor accreditation

For past, present and future Education In Building students

Supporting Thermal Performance assessors….

Education In Building is recognised as the leading Nationally Recognised Training provider (RTO) of NatHERS training for Thermal Performance Assessors in Australia. As such, we support industry by providing the tools necessary to be successful as an energy rating specialist.

After a recent review of the industry, the Education In Building Technical and Training Advisory Committee (TTAC) identified that beyond the initial training assessors received for accreditation, there is very little ongoing support other than the few webinars that go over the same old stuff and are offered by providers that are not Registered Training Organisations. The review also identified that a number of current energy rating assessors would fail a quality audit review they may be subjected to by their AAO.

At EIB we believe that it is our duty of care as a responsible Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to support industry by providing CPD programs that are sufficient, relevant, current, informative and valid.

Our Masterplan programs have been designed with this responsibility in mind, which is why we are offering all our past, present and future students their required 12 CPD points for free for a limited time.

Whilst offering CPD points at no charge to our past students sounds to good to be true, we are not just giving them away.

Assessors who participate in our Masterplan courses will be required to successfully complete these courses prior to being awarded the CPD points.

The masterclass courses have been authored by our EIB Technical and Training Advisory Committee (TTAC) ensuring they will broaden the knowledge, skills development of personal qualities necessary for the competent execution of professional and technical duties throughout an assessor’s working career as required by the AAOs.

Each of our CPD courses have been approved by the Assessor Accrediting Organisations. ABSA and BDAV.

.Australian Building Sustainability Association free CPD points                                                        Building Designers Association Victoria free CPD points

Masterplan I

6 Technical points

To take advantage of these Free CPD points, you will undertake the  EIB Masterclass II which has been designed to enhance the technical knowledge of Thermal Performance assessors using any of the energy rating software tools.

By participating in the Masterclass II,  you can take comfort in the knowledge that our Education In Building Technical & Training Advisory Committee (EIB-TTAC) has assessed your work.

You can be assured that if you follow the recommendations offered, you will have a greater chance of passing a quality assurance review you may be subjected to by your Assessor Accrediting Organisation (AAO).

Using our online training portal, Education In Building will provide you with detailed drawing set for a Residential dwelling.

Following the instruction provided, you are required to complete a thermal performance assessment using your FirstRate5, AccuRate or BERSPro software.

Your results and findings are then uploaded to Education In Building online portal.

Our Technical & Training Advisory Committee (EIB-TTAC) will assess your results and provide you with a ten point health check with a recommended outcome.

The Education In Building Masterclass health check is provided as an overall snapshot and is not exhaustive. The health check can help you make decisions about your assessment process and whether you may need to consider any appropriate professional advice.

Masterplan II

6 Non Technical points

To take advantage of these Free CPD points, you will undertake a suite of 6 EIB Mastermind courses which have been designed to enhance the skills/knowledge and expertise of Thermal Performance assessors using any of the energy rating software tools.

Using our online training portal, Education In Building will provide you with the Mastermind quizzes to complete.

  • Each quiz has 30 random multiple choice questions with 4 answer options
  • Allows you to view your results
  • Will give you feedback at the completion of the quiz
  • Will treat your results completely confidentially

The Education In Building, online training portal, will provide you with an immediate result.

  • Each Mastermind quiz is an open book quiz
  • Has no time limit
  • Has one correct answer for each question
  • Awards one point for each correct answer selected
  • Awards full marks when all correct answers are selected
  • Deducts one mark for each incorrect answer selected
  • Has a pass mark of 80%
  • We offer alternative solutions should you fail
  • You will learn from the information provided

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