Builder Medium Rise

Education In Building provides RPL assessment options to gain this qualification.

RPL assessment enables you to forego training and move directly to having your skills assessed, thus avoiding the need for unnecessary training that brings with it additional costs, including time and effort.

The objective of the RPL assessment process is to ensure that an individual's prior learning achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experience is appropriately recognised.

The exciting concept of our skills assessment service means that all the work required to complete the assessment is done at home or in your work environment. The assessment tools are easliy transportable to any location you may be working or living.

This qualification is designed to meet the needs of builders, including selecting contractors, overseeing the work and its quality, and liaising with clients. This qualification covers building theory and practice related to low rise buildings and associated light steel structures. Skills Assessment allows you to show skills you have developed, specialist skills and knowledge in areas such as planning, drafting, quantities take off, estimating, scheduling, construction technology, OHS, site supervision, surveying, cost control and business management.

The Diploma of Building and Construction is recognised throughout Australia and is suitable for Builder Licensing or Builder Accreditation in all states and territories.

Please note we only offer this course by Recognition of Prior Learning, we do not offer this course by classroom or online training.

In Queensland the Diploma of Building and Construction is required to achieve a Builder Medium Rise Licence.

This qualification meets the requirements of the;

  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission


  • Workplace Standards Tasmania (TAS)

  • Office of Fair Trading (NSW)

  • Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (SA)

  •  Victorian Building Commission (VIC)

  • Building Practitioners Board (NT)

Scope of Work

  • Building work on a class 1 or class 10 building.
  • Building work  to a maximum of 3 storeys, but not including Type A construction on classes 4 to 9 buildings
  • Prepare plans and specifications if the plans and specifications are
    •  for the licensee’s personal use; or
    •  for use in building work to be performed by the licensee personally.

However, the scope of work does not include

  • a completed building inspection for an interested party; or
  • personally carrying out any building work for which
    • a fire protection licence is required; or
    • an occupational licence is required unless the licensee holds the occupational licence.
  • interested party, for a building, means a party or prospective party to a contract of sale for the building.

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