Diploma of Building DESIGN


Education In Building provides RPL assessment options for this qualification.

This qualification applies to building designers who undertake building design projects covered by the Building Code of Australia (BCA), except Construction Type A buildings.

Building designers may specialise in residential projects, including new buildings, heritage restorations and additions or renovations; or they may also undertake commercial and industrial projects, such as factories, motels, offices, restaurants, retail or service outlets and warehouses.

One of the requirements for an appropriately licensed person within the building industry is holding the relevant technical qualification. Obtaining a nationally recognised qualification in CPP50911 Diploma of Building Design through Education In Building is suitable for the licence class - Builder Design Medium Rise, or  

Obtaining seven (7) of the units of competency within the qualification CPP50911 Diploma of Building Design through Education In Building is suitable for the licence class - Builder Design Low Rise

Education In Building is highly regarded for our user-friendly services that allow you the option to obtain your qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Skills Assessment, Skills Recognition and evidence gathering.

Please note we only offer this course by Recognition of Prior Learning, we do not offer this course by classroom or online training.

RPL assessment enables you to forego training and move directly to having your skills assessed, thus avoiding the need for unnecessary training that brings with it additional costs, including time and effort.

The objective of the RPL assessment process is to ensure that an individual's prior learning achieved through formal and informal training, work experience or other life experience is appropriately recognised.

The exciting concept of our skills assessment service means that all the work required to complete the assessment is done at home or in your work environment. The assessment tools are easily transportable to any location you may be working or living.

Competency is granted if you are able to verify that you have achieved the elements of competency standards being assessed. For example, you may have completed some or all units of competence in another course or gained experience in a job.


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