Managerial Course for Contractors

QBCC approved


Price  $200.00 GST EXEMPT



This course is available to all contractors wishing to get a QBCC  contractors licence.

You can complete this course ONLINE from home with your PC, MAC, TABLET, or I PAD.

To enrol in the course simply download and complete this enrolment from and email it to us Enrolment-Form-Managerial-Course.docx

Once your enrolment has been processed we will send your Login and Password so you can start immediately.

Complete your course from home, step by step with the class on podcast audio.  You need never attend a class or lose productive time.

There is no time limit on how long it takes to complete the course.

Let us bring the complete class to your home with instant Podcast audio where you can listen in the comfort of your own lounge leading you all the way to successful management.

Learn how to manage your money, how to deal with GST and tax, and how marketing and financial control are linked to your success. You will also learn about quoting, contracting and running a successful business.

Course Structure

BSBSMB401A - Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business.

  • Identifying and implementing business legal requirements
  • Comply with codes and regulatory requirements
  • Negotiate and arrange contracts

also includes

  • Planning Your Business
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Selling Skills & Customer Service
  • Strategic Human and Industrial Relations
  • Finance Reporting
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission 

There are many benefits of obtaining your formal qualification with this unique service offered by Education In Building:

  • QBCC Approved
  • GST free
  • ONLINE at home
  • Working at your own pace
  • Reduced cost
  • No membership joining fees apply
  • Available throughout Australia
  • Includes resources
  • Professional advice
  • Easily translated to many different languages
  • Enrol at any time of the year

To enrol in the course simply download and complete this enrolment form and email it to us Enrolment-Form-Managerial-Course.docx or send us your contact details in our contact us page

For this course you will need access to a printer.


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