Minimise Health, Safety and Security Risks when assessing Home Sustainability



Price  $420.00 GST exempt

This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to minimise health, safety and security risks to self, other people, property and information while providing home sustainability assessment services.

  • Minimise health and safety risks.

  • Minimise security risks to self and others.

  • Minimise security risks to property.

  • Minimise security risks to information.

The theory component of this course is completed On-Line by way of self-paced learning.

Once the online learning is complete then a meeting is arranged with our Trainer/Assessor in real or simulated work conditions, with questioning to confirm your ability to consistently identify and correctly interpret the essential underpinning knowledge required for practical application.

This should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Residential Efficiency Scorecard

CPPHSA4005A - Minimise health safety and security risks when assessing home sustainability is suitable for the Residential Efficiency Scorecard.

Enrolments can be made at any time of the year with an immediate start.

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