NatHERS accredited software V4.4.0.6 (3.21)


We are busy upgrading to BERS Pro 5 training for the new NCC 2022 and NatHERS Whole of Home

Participants who successfully complete this course will establish their status as a professional BERS Pro user…

Education In Building is proud to be the only Nationally Registered Training Organisation offering training in BERS Pro Software.

This course is suitable to achieve the nationally recognised qualifications

  • CPPHES4004 – Conduct thermal performance assessments of residential buildings
  • CPPHES5001 – Conduct thermal performance assessments of complex residential buildings

Completion of these two units also allows existing assessors to use Bers Pro as an accredited software tool.

The BERS (Building Energy Rating Scheme) computer program is a powerful tool that is used to simulate and analyse the thermal performance of Australian houses in climates ranging from Alpine to Tropical. BERS is a House Energy Rating Scheme that can be used to assign a star rating to a house within a particular climate type.

Our BERS Pro Software Training is especially popular. Energy Inspections strongly advises all BERS Pro users to obtain appropriate training in the software before commencing use.

Energy Rating Software

Who is this course for?

This formal BERS PRO software course is designed to enhance a business that operates in fields such as:

  • Building Designers
  • Architects
  • BASIX Assessor
  • Building Certifiers
  • Builders
  • Energy Assessors
  • Pre Purchase Building Inspectors

Why pay for an Energy Rating when you can do it yourself?

What is included?

This training takes you through the whole process from start to finish and includes practical demonstrations on;

  • Introduction in BERS PRO Software
  • Modelling of a Single storey residential dwelling
  • Modelling of a Double storey residential dwelling
  • Modelling of a Split level residential dwelling
  • Modelling of an Apartment residential townhouse
  • Modelling of a Dual occupancy residential dwelling
  • Producing Certificates

Reference material and manuals are provided with the tutorials.

Entry Requirements

To undertake the BERS PRO software training you are expected to:

  • Effectively read and extract information from plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings,
  • Be able to use a personal computer, including basic word processing, spreadsheet, and email programs and internet search engines,
  • Have a demonstrated capacity in literacy and numeracy


Advanced skills

Education In Building has tailored this customised training course where participants focus on developing and refining advanced skills and practical knowledge through extensive carefully chosen training and exercises which the participants can go through at their own pace.

The BERS Pro Complex modelling training goes deeper into the latest version of Bers Pro. It covers, but is not limited to Advanced split zones, elements & modelling on a complex residential dwelling.

The main objective of this course is to assist assessors understand Bers Pro and energy rating in greater detail than were taught in the introductory or intermediate course.

The outcome is a greater retention of knowledge and skills that can easily be transferred back in the work place.

Key Principles

  • Principles of passive design
  • Thermal performance of a variety of building materials
  • Thermal performance ratings
  • Requirements for modelling complex buildings and non-standard materials
  • Climate- appropriate construction methods and materials
  • Involved complex levels, built shading devises and void arrangements
  • Applying software tool functions and modelling methods suitable for complex building types, construction methods and materials

Facts about BERS PRO software course….

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