Implement safe work practices in the property industry

Education In Building is a Nationally Recognised provider of training for Home Energy Efficiency Assessors in Australia. We offer training pathways to obtain the formal qualifications required for Implementing safe work practices in the property industry

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Here we look at health and safety on a client’s work site. As a Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability assessor, you will visit a client’s home or perhaps a site where construction is still going on. Whenever you work at someone else’s work site, you are obliged to comply with workplace health and safety rules and procedures, and with the requirements of the relevant workplace health and safety legislation. When you visit the sites of existing homes, you should also consider your own health and safety, and take reasonable measures to protect yourself.

This course is suitable for those looking to achieve  accreditation as a residential Efficiency Scorecard assessor.

What are the entry requirements?

To undertake this course  you are expected to:

  • Manage own work, professional development and ethical behaviour in a satisfactory manner,
  • Be able to use a personal computer, including basic word processing, spreadsheet, email programs and internet search engines,
  • Have a demonstrated capacity in literacy and numeracy, and
  • Have demonstrated interpersonal communication skills.

What are the quality principles?

  • Excellent customer experience. Assessors must demonstrate strong customer relationship and engagement approach and skills, delivering a positive experience for the consumer.
  • Robust assessment approach. Assessors must have a strong ability to identify home energy efficiency features in the field and accurate data entry skills, to ensure assessments accurately reflect home performance.
  • Consumer-focused energy efficiency upgrades advice. Assessors must have the skills to assess and present appropriate upgrades options, considering the needs of the household.
  • Knowledge of safety and well-being. Assessors must have the skills to protect themselves and others while working.
  • Robust administrative process. Assessors are given Scorecard training and other support services, and must comply with administrative requirements, including audits.
  • Consultation and continuous improvement. Assessors are invited to provide feedback to continuously improve the scheme.

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