Energy Rating course for Architects & Building Designers

Home Energy Efficiency & Sustainability – Certificate IV CPP41119

This qualification provides a diverse range of skills and knowledge needed by professionals in conducting house energy ratings using NatHERS Accredited Software.

You will learn essential skills such as:

✔️ thermal resistance and capacitance of building materials

✔️ window glazing values

✔️ occupancy patterns (including internal heat loads, typical occupancy times and occupancy behaviour)

✔️ window coverings (which are standardised for all ratings, noting they are likely to change of the life of the building)

✔️ different types of zones in the house and whether they are conditioned/unconditioned

✔️ thermostat settings (temperatures at which artificial heating/cooling is no longer required to achieve thermal comfort, noting this varies depending on climate zone)

✔️ local climate and weather (including temperature, humidity, wind and sun)

✔️ shadowing/overshadowing by adjacent buildings and features

✔️ size of the building being assessed (noting smaller buildings generally have a larger wall surface area than bigger buildings)

Government funding is available for this course in 2024 apply now

(Conditions apply)

With the new release of NCC 2022 and the 7 Star requirement, it is time for you to learn how to achieve those 7 stars.

Why pay for an energy rating when you can do it yourself?

Participants completing this qualification with EIB will be awarded the qualification of CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (HSA and Thermal Performance Assessment) allowing you to be a fully qualified Home Energy Rater as a NatHERS Accredited Thermal Performance Assessor and /or a Home Sustainability Assessor  throughout Australia.

The learning material for this course is provided On-line along with the support of our accredited NatHERS facilitators.

Understanding how to use energy rating software is an integral part in the completion of the Certificate IV qualification. EIB is the only Australian Registered Training provider offering training in any one of the latest versions of software tools accredited by the NatHERS administrator. Accurate, BERS Pro, Firstrate5 and HERO in the course. We will help you decide which is the most suitable software that will suit your needs.

Our price promise

✔️ Don’t pay more than you have to. We guarantee the best price you will find, and you will learn much more than what other training providers are offering, the fee structure is in the course facts below.

✔️ We provide a written quote for anyone interested in completing the course

✔️ Our price for this course is GST free

✔️ Our price includes software training in any one of the most current version of either FirstRate5, HERO, Bers Pro or AccuRate

✔️ In the unlikely event, you receive a lower priced written quote on the identical training, we will beat it

✔️ We do not accept upfront payments of more than $1,500

✔️ For your convenience we offer 4 payment options for you to choose from.

✔️ The price will be reduced if you are granted RPL.

What are the EIB entry requirements for this course?

To undertake the CPP41119 Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability you are expected to:

✔️ Be able to effectively read and extract information from plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings,

✔️ Have a basic understanding of the National Construction Code

✔️ Manage own work, professional development and ethical behavior in a satisfactory manner,

✔️ Be able to use a personal computer, including basic word processing, spreadsheet, email programs and internet search engines,

✔️ Have a demonstrated capacity in literacy and numeracy, and

✔️ Have demonstrated interpersonal communication skills.

Training or Recognition of Prior learning (RPL)?

In addition, Education in Building delivers this nationally recognised Certificate IV qualification via three (3) modes, being:

1️⃣ Complete the entire course online

2️⃣ A combination of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and online training

3️⃣ Full Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you are uncertain about which course mode would suit you best, contact EIB and we will advise you on the most beneficial and cost-effective pathway to achieve your qualification to become an Energy rating Assessor.

Facts about the Energy Rating course….

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