Graphic interface to AccuRate software

Designed for AccuRate and non-AccuRate users

CAD tool for NatHERS Assessors

AccuRate users have the opportunity to increase their production time which will make them more competitive in the energy rating market.

4M Australia FINE4Rate, is a customised BIM application for the NatHERS thermal comfort modelling environment. The software brings the power and speed of BIM to all Energy Assessors that using the AccuRate Sustainability software.

Education In Building is offering a suite of CPD presentations that will show AccuRate software users the benefits of including FINE4Rate in the running of their day to day business.

Simplifying AccuRate Sustainability Software…


 FINE 4Rate provides advanced modelling capabilities in an easy to use BIM interface, combining the AutoCAD functionality with the DWG & IFC full compatibility.

The program uses its 3D BIM interface to provide the NatHERS Energy Assessor the capability to automatically populate all building, zone and shading schemes data straight from the 3D model into the data entry fields of AccuRate Sustainability.

The friendly BIM interface of FINE4Rate allows the assessor to spend time, a fraction of the otherwise required, to thermally engineer dwellings. This alleviates the need to spend endless hours on data entry.

FINE4Rate is the only BIM Powered Software that provides the Energy Assessor with a true 2D-3D drawing environment that is using DWG as its native file format.

The Assessor can import IFC files of the building 3D model produced by the building designer directly into the traditional AccuRate Sustainability fields.


There are many benefits for using FINE4Rate….

  • Compatible with AccuRate Sustainability Software
  • Reduced time to carry out energy ratings
  • Provides a true 2D-3D Drawing
  • Increased productivity
  • Automatically populates all building, zone and shading schemes
  • Can import IFC files
  • Suitable for BASIX
  • Easily integrated to existing software
  • Includes a full manual and easy to follow written instructions

FINE4Rate along with FINEGreen, a BIM software that embeds EnergyPlus(R) , completes the 4M Suite that also includes 4MCAD, IDEA Architecture and the FINE-MEP Suite (HVAC, SANI, FIRE, LIFT).

FINE4Rate also includes all the CAD features of 4MCAD, the recognised alternative to AutoCAD.


The FINE4Rate power features are:

• 3D BIM interface that interacts with the Cheenah engine and populates the AccuRateSustainability software with all building, zone and shading scheme data.

• Easy to learn and use 2D 3D design acad like interface.

• Graphical interface which simplifies editing and facilitates the understanding of a buildings layout.

• Familiar AccuRate Sustainability materials and element libraries.

• For multi-dwelling projects, each individual dwelling file is automatically produced via an xml export-import function directly from the single 3D BIM model of the building.

• All necessary building elements are defined in the 3D model including additional info such as zones, vertical shades, horizontal shades, wing walls, even all types of ceiling penetrations, and then exported to the AccuRate Sustainability project file.


Participants typically should have  hands-on experience using AccuRate Software.


  • Has a working knowledge of, and preferably hands-on experience, with AccuRate software
  • Have a very basic knowledge of CAD (navigate through menus – familiar with layers – draw simple elements like lines / polylines etc)
  • If not familiar with CAD there is an 1 hour CPD that covers all the above.
  • Has experience with reading and extracting information from plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings
  • Be able to use a personal computer, including basic word processing, spreadsheet, and email programs and internet search engines.
  • Have a demonstrated capacity in literacy and numeracy.

Facts about Fine4Rate training

There are three presentations in this series of FINE4Rate, Yanni Fragkoulidis from 4M Australia discusses how the FINE4Rate was designed and built upon the latest BIM industry standards to offer exceptional and simple 3D BIM design.

Yanni also explains how the software user interface is already familiar to AutoCAD(R) users. Potentially FINE 4Rate users could be productive from day one. Therefore, getting up to speed is very quick and also productivity when designing is greatly improved.

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