FirstRate5 v5.2.10 (3.13) new release

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With the release of FirstRate5 V5.2.10 (3.13), Education In Building have prepared a comprehensive on-line pre-recorded tutorial on the new features included in the new software.

Undertaking this tutorial will earn accredited assessors 1 CPD point.

The practical examples we provide in this tutorial are based on a real project that clearly show how to put the new improvements of the software into practice. The tutorial provides detailed examples on the improved importing and handling of backgrounds from PDF files as well as the dimension tool, customisable grid size, and the reset level alignment point position.

Not only will you see first hand how to correctly implement these new features you will also earn a valuable a CPD point with the new release of FirstRate5 v5.2.10(3.13) .

You will receive instant results on modelling in the new version of FR5….

Peace of mind

Let us give you the peace of mind that you fully understand the improvements made to the new FirstRate5 software and are completing your clients house energy ratings  accurately.

This presentation is a must see for all FirstRate5 House Energy Raters and will save time not having to read the manual.

Energy Rating Software FirstRate5

List of features

This practical tutorial includes demonstrations on the following:

• Improved importing and handling of backgrounds from PDF files
• Improvements to the way FR5 aligns and scales backgrounds
• Introduction of ‘Dimension’ tool
• Introduction of customisable grid size
• Introduction of line length display
• Ability to sort walls and floors
• Introduction of Project Checkpoints and Snapshots
• Introduction of Reset Level Alignment Point Position
• Introduction of postcode mismatch alert

Plus more

CPD Points

On completion we will send you a Certificate of Participation indicating the CPD point you have achieved.

Education In Building is committed to the CPD program for Energy Assessors and focus on continuous improvement and help stay up to date and continually build skills, knowledge and expertise in the energy efficiency sector.

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

Facts on this CPD tutorial

At Education In Building we believe that CPD training for house energy raters should be recognised as a value adding learning experience. As such, you can order this tutorial for just…..


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