House Energy Rating

Thermal Performance Assessment

This training provides a diverse range of skills and knowledge needed by professionals in conducting house energy ratings using Energy Rating Software.

Suitable for those who do not require NatHERS accreditation but wish to learn the skills required to carry out an Energy Rating on Residential dwellings.

Understanding how to use energy rating software is an integral part of this training. Participants can choose to carryout their training in any one of the four Energy Rating software tools FirstRate5. Hero, BERS Pro or AccuRate.

Participants will also learn how to meet the mandatory energy efficiency requirements for homes and major renovations based on the National Construction Code as well as ways to improve the energy efficiency and thermal performance of a home.

The energy efficiency of a home based on its design and information obtained from residential building plans and drawings to model potential consumption of energy for heating and cooling purposes and assess and certify the thermal performance of homes based on a ten-star rating system using Energy Rating Software.

Who is this course for?

✅ This course is designed to enhance the skills of those who operate within an office that have a number of employees wishing to upgrade their skills for carrying out energy assessments and are not required to be NatHERS accredited.

✅ This course is most suitable for Building surveyors & Certifiers who do not require to be NatHERS accredited but need to have an understanding of House Energy Rating assessments.

✅ Architects, Building Designers, BASIX Assessor, Building Surveyors, Building Certifiers, Engineers, Builders, Energy Assessors, Pre Purchase Building Inspectors.

What are the EIB entry requirements for this course?

To undertake this course you are expected to:

✔️ Be able to effectively read and extract information from plans, drawings and specifications for residential buildings,

✔️ Have a basic understanding of the National Construction Code

➡️ This course is offered anywhere in Australia and is suitable for participants who are not required to be NatHERS Accredited and operate within the states of QLD, VIC, TAS, SA, WA, & NT

What will I learn?

While studying how to use the Software tools we will also teach you essential skills such as:

✔️ how to improve the energy performance of a home

✔️ how to reach the 7 Star NCC requirement

✔️ thermal resistance and capacitance of building materials

✔️ window glazing values

✔️ occupancy patterns (including internal heat loads, typical occupancy times and occupancy behaviour)

✔️ different types of zones in the house and whether they are conditioned/unconditioned

✔️ thermostat settings (temperatures at which artificial heating/cooling is no longer required to achieve thermal comfort, noting this varies depending on climate zone)

✔️ local climate and weather (including temperature, humidity, wind and sun)

✔️ shadowing/overshadowing by adjacent buildings and features

What are the units?

We will guide you with practical demonstrations on who to use the energy rating software along with the following units that will help you understand the methodology of Thermal performance of residential buildings.

1️⃣ CPPHES4001 Research and assess impact of building elements on thermal performance of residential buildings

2️⃣ CPPHES4002 Advise clients on thermal performance of residential buildings

3️⃣ CPPHES4003 Operate and maintain computer system to support thermal performance assessments

4️⃣ CPPHES4004 Conduct thermal performance assessment of residential buildings

5️⃣ CPPHES5001 Conduct thermal performance assessment of complex residential buildings

6️⃣ CPCCBC4020 Build Thermally efficient and sustainable structures

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