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Education In Building  offer these quality face to face training workshops based on our years of experience in training Thermal Performance Assessors. Our highly interactive workshops provide participants with clear guidance and practical strategies to improve their skills and knowledge.

Masterclass Energy Rating Software FirstRate5You can chose to do all six Masterclass workshops over a period of time or simply chose the Masterclass workshop that suits your every day assessments.

Our goal is to provide skill enhancement solutions that exceed current energy rating knowledge levels…..

We can help

To support the industry and assist FirstRate5 assessors in improving their knowledge and skills we have developed a suite of CPD workshops.

These 3 hour workshops have been specifically designed for accredited assessors who not only require CPD points for their accreditation but also wish to enhance their knowledge of energy ratings.

We can help you understand best practice methods of thermal performance assessing not to mention the peace of mind knowing you are completing your clients assessments achieving the best possible results.

The workshops are interactive, with a carefully balanced mix of mini-lectures, video clips, discussion and facilitated exercises, all conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Hands on

Education In Building has tailored these workshops where students focus on developing and refining advanced skills and practical knowledge through extensive carefully chosen hands on training and exercises which the student can go through at their own pace, with a certified trainer by their side to answer any of their specific questions.

The workshops go deeper into the latest version of the FirstRate5 software tools. The workshops cover, but are not limited to advanced split zones, elements & modelling.

The main objective of these workshops is to assist FirtstRate5 assessors understand energy rating in greater detail than were taught in the introductory, basic or intermediate courses.

The outcome is a greater retention of knowledge and skills that can easily be transferred back in the work place

Why choose EIB?

We are the only Registered Training organisation dedicating its training courses and CPD workshops specifically for Thermal Performance Assessors

  • We GUARANTEE the quality of our training
  • We only use certified professional instructors
  • Our speciality is bespoke training solutions because we are flexible in our delivery modes and skill set
  • Workshops are ideally and centrally located in Sydney & Melbourne
  • We are fully Australian owned
  • We continue to develop new CPD programs, ensuring that Thermal Performance assessors  are kept up to date.

Workshop Suite

Education In Building has developed a suite of 3 hour Masterclass workshops to complete the Masterclass series of energy ratings. Each workshop will look at the complexities of energy ratings for different structures.

  • Masterclass Workshop I    – Single storey residential dwelling
  • Masterclass Workshop II  – Double storey residential dwelling
  • Masterclass Workshop III – Split level residential dwelling
  • Masterclass Workshop IV – Alterations and Additions
  • Masterclass Workshop V   – Residential Duplex
  • Masterclass Workshop IV – Apartments

Facts about the Masterclass Workshops

What’s the price?

At Education In Building we believe that CPD training for energy assessors should be recognised as a value adding learning experience. As such, you can enrol in any of the 3 hour Masterclass workshops for just…..

$125 each

(GST Free)

Fees for Continuing Professional Development courses are not refundable.

Workshop dates

Workshops II, IV & VI  are being held in:

Sydney, 21st May 2018

Melbourne, 11th April 2018

To get your enrolment underway, simply get in touch with us using our Contact Form. Once we receive your notification of interest, a member of our team will contact you to explain everything in good detail.

In detail

Each of these 3hour workshops have a unique approach as they demonstrate, and give hands on experience, using best practices that work. The courses will provide a holistic understanding of the key areas that the Masterclass series of energy ratings are based on.

Participants will be provided with a set of professional skills necessary to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of  the energy ratings. The workshops begin with an overview of the best practice methods used for the Masterclass series.

This is followed by a detailed discussion of the Masterclass you have chosen using practical examples. Then the workshops will delve into a project evaluation and show how to improve the method of assessing thermal performance. The courses conclude with a discussion of the best practice methods.

The Award

You will be awarded 3 technical CPD points on a “Certificate of Participation” for each workshop attended.

CPD points for this course are recognised by ABSA & BDAV


This qualification is delivered and assessed by Paul Kearney & Associates Pty Ltd, trading as, Education in Building.

  • RTO Code: 32418
  • ABN: 16 601 505 837

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We will continue to develop CPD programs throughout the year to ensure that you are kept up to date with any changes the may occur.

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