Mastermind II


This NatHERS Mastermind quiz has been developed in an effort to assist assessors satisfy the rigors of an audit they may be subjected to.

The quiz questions are similar to those found in audit results provided by the AAOs where Assessors were found to be non-compliant.

The Education In Building Training and Technical Advisor Committee (TTAC) are grateful to the AAOs for providing the findings of the audits.

No need for you to attend a classroom, you simply complete your Mastermind in your own office or at home…..


Using our online training portal, Education In Building will provide you with the Mastermind II quiz to complete.

  • The quiz is based on the NatHERS Technical Notes
  • Has 30 random multiple choice questions with 4 answer options
  • Allows you to view your results
  • Will give you feedback at the completion of the quiz
  • We offer alternative solutions should you fail
  • Will treat your results completely confidentially


The Education In Building, online training portal, will provide you with an immediate result.

  • The Mastermind II is an open book quiz
  • Has no time limit
  • Has one correct answer for each question
  • Awards one point for each correct answer selected
  • Awards full marks when all correct answers are selected
  • Deducts one mark for each incorrect answer selected
  • Answers can be reviewed before submision

CPD Certificate

On completion of the Mastermind II we will send you a Certificate of Participation indicating the CPD points you have achieved.

Education In Building is committed to the CPD program for Thermal Performance Assessors and focus on continuous improvement and help stay up to date and continually build skills, knowledge and expertise in the energy efficiency sector.

Our CPD programs are recognised by ABSA & BDAV.

Why choose us?

  • We support industry by providing the tools necessary to be successful as an energy rating specialist.
  • We are the only Registered Training Organisation offering CPD programs designed specifically for Thermal performance Assessors
  • We GUARANTEE the quality of our training
  • We only use certified professional instructors
  • Our speciality is bespoke training solutions because we are flexible in our delivery modes and skill set
  • We are fully Australian owned

Facts about Mastermind II

What’s the price?

At Education In Building we believe that CPD training for energy assessors should be recognised as a value adding learning experience. As such, you can enrol in this Mastermind course for just….


(GST free)

Fees for CPD programs are not refundable.

When can I start?

Enrolments can be made at anytime of the year with an immediate start.

How do I enrol?

Download this enrolment form. Enter all the details and email it to us at [email protected]

Once we have processed your enrolment you will receive a login and password so you can start straight away.

What’s the award?

You will be awarded 1 technical CPD point on a “Certificate of Participation” 


This CPD Program is delivered and assessed by Paul Kearney & Associates Pty Ltd, trading as, Education in Building.

RTO Code: 32418

ABN: 16 601 505 837

NatHERS online Education In Building

Can I do more?

Once you have completed this Mastermind, there are more that you can try .

Education In Building have a range of technical and non technical CPD programs designed to suit Thermal Performance assessor no matter what software they use.

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