Finally, a Deemed-to-Satisfy training course for the Housing Energy Efficiency Performance requirements in accordance with the National Construction Code.

Education In Building is now offering this 8-hour training course that will take you through the whole Deemed-to-Satisfy process from start to finish and include practical demonstrations on Building Fabric, Glazing Calculator, Building Sealing, Whole of Home Calculator, Lighting Calculator & Developing a report.

Don’t get caught out

If you are carrying out Deemed to Satisfy reports don’t get caught out by the significant changes that have been made to the Deemed to Satisfy provisions of NCC. You need to complete this course now regardless of the implementation date of the new NCC in each state jurisdiction.

This course is completed entirely online and can be done at any time at your own pace. EIB will provide you with all the key resource material necessary to complete a Deemed-to-Satisfy report to meet the energy efficiency performance requirements H6P1 & H6P2.

We will help you complete a practical Deemed-to-Satisfy assessment along with Multiple-choice quiz questions. A certificate will be awarded once the training has been completed.

NatHERS accredited assessors and Architects can use this course to obtain CPD points.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge of anyone who currently carries out Deemed-to-Satisfy reports:

✔️ Thermal performance assessors

✔️ Architects

✔️ Building Designers

✔️ Certifiers

✔️ Building surveyors

✔️ Councils

Outline of course structure

The methodology outlined in the NCC that meets the “performance requirements”. We are interested in the methods available to meet the energy efficiency performance requirements H6P1 & H6P2.

1️⃣ Building Fabric – Determining insulation requirements

2️⃣ Glazing – Use ABCB Calculator to determine glazing requirements

3️⃣ Whole-of-Home – How to comply with H6P2

4️⃣ Develop a report – How to structure a DTS report, what information to include

5️⃣ Assessment – Conduct a DTS assessment on plans provided

Facts about the Deemed-to-Satisfy Course

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